1 Can 22 kgs gross,18 kgs net

4 Super Strong Mouse Glue Traps

2 Super Strong Rat & Mouse Glue Traps

Super Strong Cockroach Glue Traps

Magic traps Pest & Rodent control 

Put Magic traps in places where rodents or cockroaches are suspected, Houses,restaurants,factories,offices even in Hospitals. They will "clean" for you! Due to their unique composition,do not have any expiry date and are always ready to use. The effectiveness is 100% guaranteed and their low prices have made the Magic the  Best Choice for Pest Control and the smart consumer. Please contact us for details. Friendly with the environment, as is non toxic 
and prevents use of toxic chemical poisons. EPA approved EST No 49557 Tw01 Clean and Hygienic.
Harmless to human and animals. Effective and Economic !

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